Knowing What Makes The Phone Ring

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I switched to your product from ACT. That package is too complicated. When I set up your system I purchased a new number through your application. I talked to my plumber today and he said he just went on two jobs and they got for him through today.


Philip Cook

I like The Call Portal overall and in some ways better than ACT. I had previously tried to set up ACT and could not make sense of their setup or process...whereas The Call Portal is very intuitive and clear.

David Wylie

From everything I can see The Call Portal is a damn good product.

Rudy Labordus

The Call Portal software is super-impressive. I can't wait to get going now.

Michael Prest

As I said on the webinar, I belong to Chris group. Your product is far superior! I have also evaluated A.C.T. and your product is so much better.


The Call Portal has opened my eyes to all the possibilities of Lead Gen marketing, tracking and services. You also have a great team of knowledgeable staff who have always been there to help with any issues. As we all know two of the components of a great system are great training and great support. Without great support, even with the best training, we all run into bumps and then get stuck and stalled out without answers and assistance. It's one complete solution to advance anyone's on and offline business.

Thanks, Jack and crew.

Steve Lusa

I just wanted to update you with the multiple ring lines.

We tested it this morning. I had everybody in the same room.

And... It works!!!! I can hug you right now :)

My Client and his sons are very pleased with this feature and believe it will help

Cut down with their missed calls

Dianne Galupe