How Instant-Connect Works

A Website Visitor Submits the Form turning the Visitor into a lead

Seconds later, the Business Owner Receives a Text Message & Call With that Lead Info

While Listening to the call about the lead, pressing 1 will dial the lead's phone Instantly Connecting the Owner & the Lead

Listen to Actual Instant Connect Calls

How Much Time Do You Have Before Web-Generated Leads Go Cold?

The most effective time to respond to a web generated lead is within the first 5 minutes after it is submitted. THis will usually let you reach 10 out of 10 leads.

A 10 minute delay in calling the lead can mean you reach only 1 out of 100 leads.

Calling a lead within 5 mintes (instead of 10 minutes) gives you 4 times better odds of getting them into your sales funnel.

Research show that 35-50% of sales goes to the vendor that responds FIRST. if you call them instantly, YOU can be first.

If you follow up with a lead within 5 minutes, you are 10 times as likely to convert them.

It actually HURTS your business if you make the first call 20 hours or more after the lead is submitted.

Why is response time so important?

When a person submits a lead in a web form, they are usuall y right near their phone. If you call them back immediately, they usually answer. If you wait even for as little as 10 minutes, they may have moved on to a different project or even left t heir office.

When a person submits their information in a web form, th eir interest in your product or service is at its peak. That is what they are thinking about a t that moment, so if you call them back instantly, they are the most open and interested i n what you have to offer. If you wait, they may forget why they submitted their info in your web form -- and they may even forget doing it at all.

If you call someone back within seconds of the time they submitt ed the web form, they are usually very impressed. This speed of response makes you and your company appear to be very professional, very trustworthy, very responsive. T his can give the person a high level of confidence in your ability to deliver, and make them much more likely to become your client.


When you receive an online lead